This Fall Lorraine Leckie and Kelley Swindall embark on a Southern Tour 

Leckie's devilishly enchanting ballads and Swindall's sassy talking blues are accompanied by Violinist Pavel Cingl.

Lorraine Leckie's Music   

Kelley Swindall's Music

Tour Dates 2014


Lorraine Leckie 

was born on a horse in Northern Ontario, where Neil Young was God.  In the seventies she converted to Punk Rock, hightailed it to Europe and became a make-up artist in the Fashion Industry. She inevitably wound up in New York City and at the age of 37 picked up a guitar and by 40, was performing all over the city.

Leckie earned her title as the Lower East Side folk noir troubadour, playing venues such as Bowery Ballroom, Webster Hall & Mercury Lounge, often joined by her gothic rock band, The Demons. Lorraine will be releasing her 4th album, Rebel Devil Devil Rebel on November 13th, 2014 at the Mercury Lounge, NYC.

Kelley Swindall

was born and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, where she grew up listening to the music of Kris Kristofferson, Patsy Cline, and David Allen Coe on the way to church every Sunday morning, because that's what her daddy listened to.  When she was old enough to drive herself, she added  Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, and Johnny Cash to the mix. After highschool  she left  to study acting at The American Academy of Dramatic arts in New York City, where she currently resides. 

       Drawing from her southern background, her style is a unique blend of bluesy folk coupled with a witty, gritty, old school country sensibility, with a twinge of the outlaw tradition. Rooted in story songs and talking blues, her debut album "kelley swindall (pronounced ke le swine 'dl)" was released in July of 2014.

  She performs regularly throughout NYC as well as on the road and in her native South, and is a member of the NYC based theater company The Amoralists.

Pavel Cingl

a violin player since early childhood, got his start playing in punk rock bands throughout Europe. He earned acclaim for his guitar work in his 1970s band Ineptus which was banned by  the Czechoslovak Communist Party for being "negative and anti-social."  

Sharing a punk history, Leckie and Cingl quickly bonded on tour. Cingl began to accompany Leckie during her European gigs and a new duo was born. Cingl also began to accompany Swindall during a US tour in the fall of 2013

And in 2014, theses good-hearted misfits will embark on a Southern Gothic Tour from New York to Texas and back.