Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons Release a Swirling, Hypnotic, Psychedelic Live Album in Memory of Their Late Great Drummer Paul Triff

Released as a fitting tribute to drummer extraordinaire Paul Triff, who passed shortly after this September 2015 gig, Live at the Mercury Lounge captures folk noir goddess Lorraine Leckie's posse in their natural habitat - the concert stage!

Ranked  in the 50 best albums of 2018 by New York Music Daily 

Lorraine Leckie - Live at Mercury Lounge 

Further evidence that psychedelic bands should all be making live albums. The guys in this band seem so psyched to be playing these pulsing, Slavic-tinged themes that they’re jumping out of their shoes. There’s a sad backstory: this was the final show played by the late, great drummer Paul Triff. Listen ad-free at Bandcamp