Huffington Post 

“New York City's Noir Folk Goddess....a singular sound which at times evokes comparison to Lou Reed and John Cale with the Velvet Underground and on their Andy Warhol tribute Songs For Drella (1990). Despite the lack of a rhythm section, Lorraine and Pavel groove, swing, and punctuate each other's motifs akin to a well-honed ensemble.” 

- Huffington Post

I found 'The Raven Smiled' an utterly bewitching album; simple but strong melodies, intelligent lyrics and instrumentation that is stark at times but always breathtaking . The interplay between Leckie's guitar/vocals and Cingl's violin is nothing short of magical, between them they weave sound and images that leaves the listener in a noirish reverie (must also make mention of Lisa Zwier who provides some lovely vocal harmonies). Leckie is a unique talent and, despite all the comparisons that can be made to Cave, Nico etc, she is out there on her wont be long before people are comparing artists to her. A beautiful, transcendental listen. 'The Raven Smiled' can be streamed and purchased via the Lorraine Leckie Bandcamp page (and a word to the wise, while you're there, check out the other material on the site...well worth the time!)!